Sunday, June 1, 2014

**Walgreens Coupon Policy Update**

The Walgreens coupon policy has been updated. Most of it remains the same, but there are a few changes.
 Here are the  2 biggest changes

1. Walgreens will not accept coupons that exceed the selling price of an item. In the past, we were allowed to use a coupon worth more than the selling price of an item, and the coupon would be manually adjusted down at checkout. For example, we could use a $1.00 coupon on a shampoo that was on sale for .98¢. The cashier would manually adjust the value of the coupon down to.98¢ and all was well, but that will no longer be allowed.

2. When items are featured in a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, at least one product needs to be purchased. A maximum of one BOGO coupon is permitted per two qualifying items in a BOGO offer. (what this means is Walgreens will NOT accept coupons against the FREE item).
But you can do this:

Buy 2 Products $2.00 each
Buy 2 Products FREE

(1) BOGO Free Coupon (deducts $2.00)
Pay: $1.00 (it's like getting 3 free)

The entire Walgreens coupon policy here.


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