Tuesday, June 3, 2014

**Do you have a favorite Cashier?**

Who has a favorite cashier? Me, I have my favorite cashier! She's the best, but you know what the sad case is? Well, that she was relocated to another shop for a promotion. Ah, I forgot she's my favorite cashier at my favorite store CVS (I do not pay for the ad lol!). She is a young college student and new couponeer who loves saving money like me. Sometimes I have shared some deals and ideas and she is very understanding and she tries to understand me as well, even if I say something wrong or have a hard time getting something across (lol). I always enjoy speaking with her because I get to practice my English and she is patient, which I will also miss. But well, as I told you, since she will move, that means it will not be the same without her.

 Now I feel jealous about that store and the couponeers are going to have  a very friendly cashier with coupons! :-)  The truth is that I am going to miss her so much.

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