Saturday, May 31, 2014

**New Announcement **

It has recently come to my attention that my blog needs more maintenance. I am beginning a new season of couponing and would like to start fresh and offer new posts and advice. I  have just opened my Facebook page and will try to include more anecdotes, stories, tips and other stuff  on here so that not only do you learn more but you get to know me a little better. I will keep stressing the importance of coupon integrity, and I strongly support ethical couponing. The focus is always on saving money while demonstrating honest and generous character. Be friendly and selfless. Understand that most people will call you crazy and hoarders but that does not define you and don't let that stop you. We all have a reason why we coupon and mine is to be able to sustain my family without paying the regular and sometimes expensive price. This way I am able to use that money for other things like trips, school expenses, etc.  for my family.

I hope that this blog will inspire you and help you feel comfortable going into the supermarket with a handful of coupons. Maybe I don't know a lot about coupons but enough to explain and guide you to having a successful shopping trip. In my nine years since I joined the couponers club I have learned that in the beginning it is not easy and might be scary. I felt vulnerable and sometimes wanted to quit but I realized I was not doing anything wrong to feel this way. You might ask: "Why?" , well starting to use coupons as a beginner is not easy and imagine someone that has a hard time communicating in a foreign language. I would have to know all the policies and try to communicate them in a language I did not understand well. Trying not to let others intimidate me was a challenge but I stuck it out and here I am.

If you know something I don't know, share it and we will then both benefit from our tips and knowledge.

Please keep in consideration that English is not my first language but I try to express my self as best as I can. Looking forward to this new season and hope you are too! Blessings to all!

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